Amazing Monkey Seeds (Kore feminized)


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All seeds are shipped, vacuum sealed, in our branded mini germination tray with grow paper and complete instructions.

Sativa: 90%
Indica: 10%
THC: 22% – 25%
CBD: 1.2%

Pain: 10/10
Happy: 9/10
Creativity: 7/10
Depression: 9/10
Euphoric: 8/10

Grow Cycle
Indoor: 8 Weeks
Outdoor: Late Sept

THE KORE GARDEN takes pride in the quality products you will receive. Our branded products are top notch from the package to the garden… always fresh and always rotated.

The seeds are sold as novelty, and The Kore Garden will not take responsibility for user action; as germinating seeds may be illegal in some countries or states.  Know the laws that surround you before opening the package and/or germinating the seeds.


The Monkey is Amazing; this is one of our strongest Sativa strains.  It’s very potent and users should be warned THC levels have been known to even reach 28%  with resin dripping buds when grown and feed in the right environment.

Pine and citrus flavour mix for a pleasant taste and aroma.  Being Sativa dominant the high is uplifting, energizing and this one is strong… very strong.  A little goes a long way.  Smell tight containers may be needed when traveling with the monkey, as the scent can overpower a room.

When growing this lady, the buds can be heavy for the small branches, so off shoots may need to be supported with larger plants outdoors.  This strain is well suited for a sea of green (SOG) or a screen of green (SCROG) for indoor grow ops.  It will soon turn into your favorite strain that is very easy to grow.

When pressing into Rosin she will also give you high bud to resin ratios.

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