Jiffy 36mm Peat Pellet Refill 36 Pack


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The Package contains 36 Peat Pellets.

The Jiffy 36mm Pellet Refill pack comes with 36 Jiffy pellets that are perfect for seeding and cloning. Pellets fit the 10×20 Grodan Gro-Smart 78 Cell Cloning Tray. The compressed sphagnum peat moss pellets will expand just by adding water to create the perfect home for seedling growth. Refill your seed starting tray and keep your seeding and cloning rotation going!

Instructions: Place pellets in watertight tray and add warm water. Drain excess water when pellets are 1-1.5″ tall. Plant seeds according to package instructions. Water when pellets turn light brown. To harden off plants, place outside in shade for several days, gradually increasing time spent outside each day. To transplant, dig holes deep enough to cover top of pellets.  Slit the mesh by fingers or a razor, careful not to cut roots (this allows the root bulb to expand when growing-don’t miss this step).  Then gently firm soil around pellet and water.

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