Emerald Mountain Seeds (Kore feminized)


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All seeds are shipped, vacuum sealed, in our branded mini germination tray with grow paper and complete instructions.

Sativa: 30%
Indica: 70%
THC: 19.5%
CBD: 1%

Relaxing: 8/10
Talkative: 6/10
Happy: 7/10
Stress: 7/10
Depression: 7/10
Euphoric: 10/10

Grow Cycle
Indoor: 10 Weeks
Outdoor: Early Oct

THE KORE GARDEN takes pride in the quality products you will receive. Our branded products are top notch from the package to the garden… always fresh and always rotated.

The seeds are sold as novelty, and The Kore Garden will not take responsibility for user action; as germinating seeds may be illegal in some countries or states.  Know the laws that surround you before opening the package and/or germinating the seeds.


Emerald Mountain is a good reflection of its parents, with origins dating back to a rigorous selection of True OG. This outstanding medium-sized/big plant is easy-to-grow and spectacular during the flowering period, as it is covered by different reddish and purplish hues.  The colour really pops with colder nights and warmer days.  It performs well both indoors and outdoors, but it grows happier in temperate Mediterranean climates as well as under the protection of the greenhouse. It is a classic Californian strain which boasts a delicious and unique deep flavor and aroma with notes of  spiced fruit, lemon, oil and pine, making it the most coveted seed by all refined experts on the field.

This strain is noted for her vigorous veg. growth that leads to 4-m high plants outdoors cultivating early to mid October. A sturdy genetics delivering generous crops. Using a double mesh is recommended when growing Emerald Mountain plants so that they’ve got enough support to comfortably develop their dense, compact and smelly buds with a bud cycle of  approx. 65 days


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