The Ratflap® (4″ /100mm version)


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(the 6″, 8″, 9″ & 12″ versions are available on request)

Robust and Long lasting Completely Stainless Steel Unit that fits into
both Clay and Plastic pipes. The Ratflap provides a permanent,
environmentally friendly, simple solution to the problem of rats
in sewer lines. The device prevents rats from moving from the main sewer
into the pipes servicing properties. The Ratflap is now even easier to install.

It can be placed in either the upstream or downstream horizontal location
inside the sewer line (can be fitted into a horizontal clean out or a back-flow valve) .
Simply insert in the chosen pipe, making sure that the arrow on the unit points in
the same direction as the flow of waste.

Check the Ratflap® manufacturer installation guide Here

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Returns Policy

Due to the unhealthy nature of any sewer, the Ratflap® cannot be returned to us after it has been opened/installed.

Please research the product to make sure it meets your intended use and,or by-law code in your area before purchase.  Then use this Ratflap® pipe sizer to determine the Ratflap® size required for your pipe.  




Designed by a pest controller who understands the biology and behaviour of brown rats, the RATFLAP® is designed to stop rats in their tracks, while not affecting the flow of the sewer. Made entirely from 304 grade stainless steel and precision cut by laser meaning RATFLAP® will last for decades. Taking years of development the device is designed to be a simple “fit & forget” solution and can be fitted by almost anyone although a basic knowledge of sewer flow and layout is recommended.

RATFLAP® is designed as a solution to stop rats gaining access to your drains without the need for laying poisons or traps meaning it is an environmentally friendly option. How it works is simple but highly effective.

If you hear rats in the walls, ceilings, or attic of your home, they most likely come from the sewer underneath the house. The best way to control rats on the long term is to fit a Ratflap®  non-return valve to your drains pipes.  Once fitted, the chemical resistant stainless steel valve let rats leave your property at night to feed they cannot get access back.

WHERE to Fit a Ratflap®?

If you have several toilets in your house you may have a few drain pipes converging onto a main one. If possible, locate the LAST manhole / inspection chamber on the sewer/septic that services your property. This way you will only need one Ratflap® only instead of one in each manhole.

These are the main scenarios below:

Detached house: Usually only one Ratflap® needs to be installed
Rat Flap Sewer Installation - Owl pest control Dublin
Semi-detached houses: Two Ratflaps® are usually needed (one for each half of the building)
Rat Flap Sewer Installation - Owl pest control Dublin
Terraced houses: Each house of the block usually need one Ratflap®:
Rat Flap Sewer Installation - Owl pest control Dublin


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Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 17 × 8 × 8 cm
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4" (100mm), 6" (150mm)


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