Grafting Tool 2 in 1 Kit (Small 5-12mm)


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This pruner is not suitable for too hard branches, such as jujube trees and walnut trees.

Don’t use it on dry or old hard wood (new growth is best).

  • 2 In 1 Tool Set – Great for Grafting Small Branches and Bansai. The grafting tool includes a pruner and grafting guillotine blade. It can not only allow you to trim away excess leaves and twigs and to prepare the plants to be grafted. In addition, you can make a precise cut into the grafting stock with the special grafting guillotine. The set will save space, time and energy and maximize efficiency.
  • Comfortable, Durable and Sharp – The grafting tool kit is easy to use and save time on grafting. It is made of ABS plastic for comfort and non-slip grip, the rest part and blades are made from high carbon steel for durable sharp.
  • Easy to use – As long as you have rootstock and scion of the same or close diameters, two centered V-shaped ( or U /Ω) cuts will fit them together perfectly to get a stable graft with maximum cambium contact and then be ready for taping.
  • You can finish a good taping job without wax or whipping. Ideal for Both Professionals and Amateurs.




Grafting is not an easy job, especially the plant cutting and joining part. No worries, this Garden Fruit Grafting Tool Kit Set can solve your problem. Even graft Bonsai plants with ease.

Product Name: Garden Grafting Tool
Blades Material: High Hardness Carbon Steel
Handle Material: ABS Material
Net Weight: 515g
Size: About 5.9in * 3.9in

Cut grafting stocks: from 5mm up to 12mm diameter
Advantage: Compared with traditional grafting knife, this professional garden pruner can cut the rootstock in an accurate and efficient way, smoother and easier.

How to use:
Step 1: Cut the useless branches.
Step 2: Graft up with V / U / Ω blades(both grafting honor stem and stock plant).
Step 3: Slice the honor stem into groove of the stock plant, matching the cut surface as closely as possible.
Step 4: Use grafting tape band the cut.

Blades replacement instructions:
Step 1: Loose the nut with the spanner.
Step 2: Use a screw driver to remove the screw.
Step 3: Slide the blade rest out.
Step 4: Remove the worn blade.
Step 5: Insert the new blade into the rest.
Step 6: Fix the screw and tighten the nut.

Package Includes:
1 X Grafting Cutting Tool
3 X Blade (V Shape & U Shape & Ω Shape)
1 X Wrench
1 X Screwdriver
1 X Handle Box with zipper

Additional information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 24.5 × 14 × 4.5 cm


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