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The Ratflap®

A proactive device that prevents rats from moving from the main sewer into the pipes servicing properties.
Once they leave they can't get back in !!!

Doktor Doom Formula 420™ Fungicide 1 Litre Concentrate

Doktor Doom Formula 420™ Flower Power Insect Killer 1 Litre Concentrate

kills & prevents ticks, bedbugs and most other insects
around the home, cottage, garden, under porches and decks
also used on livestock to control lice

1.25% Permethrin concentrate spray in EC (oil base) or SC (water base) option
Diatomaceous Earth (93% Silicon Dioxcide)

100% all-natural Insecticide that kills most crawling insects

2 different sizes available
(200g & 1kg)

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