1.25% Permethrin (EC) Concentrate – Protector Of House & Garden


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Canadian P.C.P. ACT #29076

Controls any kind of insect.  Kills them dead!

Controls insect pests around and inside homes, apartments and under porches and decks.
Contains 1.25% Permethrin, a low-toxicity to humans, broad-spectrum synthetic Pyrethroid insecticide.

1.25% Permethrin (EC) Concentrate – Protector House & Garden 500ml spray

Protect gardens, trees, houses and buildings. Kills several variety of insects, spiders, ticks, mites, bed bugs, beetles, earwigs, ants, eggs and larvae

Caution: Although proven low-toxicity when dry, it is not recommended you apply to skin. Please wear proper PPE when mixing pesticides


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