1.25% Permethrin (SC) Concentrate – Spider And Insect Destroyer 500ml


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Canadian P.C.P. ACT #27169

Protect gardens, trees, houses and buildings. Kills several variety of insects, spiders, earwigs and most crawling insects under eaves troughs, along siding, underneath porches, etc…

  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Guarantee: Permethrin: 12.5 g/litre (1.25% per bottle)
  • Water-based formulation. Suspension concentrate (SC)
  • SC’s will not stain interior paints (always test small area first)
  • SC concentrates are good choice for indoor use (SC’s break down faster than EC’s in sunlight)
  • do not use around cats, fish and water supplies in a liquid form

Controls insect pests around and inside homes and apartments. Contains 1.25% Permethrin, a low-toxicity, broad-spectrum synthetic Pyrethroid insecticide. Controls spiders and insects on contact or by ingestion. Makes 25L – 100L of spray depending on the application.

Want to know more about Permethrin?

Paper published by United Nations & World Health Organization
Tick Encounter Resource Center – Permethrin Video
Tick Encounter Resource Center – Permethrin Fact Sheet
National Pesticide Information Center – Fact Sheet
Journal of Medical Entomology, Volume 48, Issue 2
Health Canada Insect Bite Prevention

Health Canada Insect Repellents Information
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Oil-based formulations (EC)
First, let’s examine oil-based formulations.
Emulsifiable concentrates (EC) are concentrated oil
solutions combined with an emulsifier. The emulsifier is a
detergent-like material that makes the oil mix in a water
solution for spraying. When ECs are mixed with water,
the emulsifier causes the oil to disperse evenly through
the water. The solution will turn to a milky-white color.
However, ECs will eventually settle out of suspension or
separate and should be applied immediately after mixing or
be constantly agitated. EC formulations are typically more
expensive to produce and the solvents may increase dermal
toxicity to the applicator in it’s liquid form; personal
protection should be worn as with all pesticides. ECs provide
a longer residual than soluble concentrates (see below) due to
reduced photo degradation (breaking down of pesticides by light).
Oil-based formulations also include products that can be
used in fogging machines for mosquito and fly abatement

Water-based formulations (SC)
Water soluble concentrates, also called solutions (S) or
suspension concentrates (SC), are mixed with a water
based matrix and are readily mixed with water to form a
liquid spray. SC formulations should not settle
out of suspension. These formulations can look like ECs in
the undiluted form but do not form a milky solution when
mixed with water

Ultimately, what determines the formulation used is the
characteristics of the active ingredient or the preference of
the applicator.

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