aphid whitefly trapaphid whitefly trap

Pest No More Aphid Trap (4 Traps Per Pack)


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Aphid Trap – 4 traps per box. Employs yellow and blue color based technology to attract a variety of garden pests with no harmful chemicals. Once insect comes in contact they are super stuck to the paper, and die.  Used for Winged Aphid, Western Flower Thrips, Whiteflies, Fungus Gnats, Shore Flies, Leaf Miners, Cabbage Root Maggot, Carrot Rust Fly, Cabbage White Butterfly, Cucumber Beetle, Onion Fly. Once activated, lasts for weeks. Non toxic, safe around kids and pets. 4 traps per box and 4 Twist ties included. PestNoMore – Kills Insects Naturally.

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