Bubble Hash Bags – 5 Gallon All Mesh 5 Piece Kit


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Package Includes:

(5 full mesh) 5 Gallon Filtration Bags:
1 Purple = 25 Micron
1 Yellow = 73 Micron
1 Green = 120 Micron
1 Red = 160 Micron
1 Blue = 220 Micron
+ 1 free Pressing Screen
+ 1 free Storage Bag
(the 5 gallon bucket in the pictures is used for example purpose only)

  • These are high quality mesh extraction bags used in the making of ice bubble hash and essential oils from Glandular Trichome  “marijuana crystals”
  • Multi purpose these bags can be used to strain many products
  • They are completely made out of mesh screen and are double stitched with extra strong nylon thread
  • Being made completely from mesh screen these bags drain extremely fast making for a much quicker work time


Follow these instructions for long life of your bags:

  1. Get (2) 5 gallon buckets.
  2. In one bucket: place the Purple = 25 Micron, Yellow = 73 Micron, green = 120 Micron, Red = 160 Micron, and last Blue = 220 Micron.  The 25 Micron is the first one in the bucket and the last one out (220M will contain all your pulp when finished).  The finer screens that will collect the ice hash, place them in sequence so the fine filter (25M) will be the last one out of the bucket.
  3. In the other bucket: fill with cold water the amount it would take to cover just the bottom of the bubble bags in the other bucket.  Then put in your frozen plant trimmings.  Fill the rest of the space (almost to top) with ice.
  4. Stir and churn the the ice and plant trimmings for 15-20 minutes and let it sit for another 30min.
  5. Slowly pour the product into the other bucket with the bubble bags. you can go ahead and pull the first bag out (the 220M is your pulp bag and it can be put threw steps 1-5 again for another wash immediately).
  6. The rest of the bags will contain all the extract you want to collect (of course the 25M will contain the best quality extract).
  7. Remove ALL the moisture with the pressing screen and a tea towel. You will want to spread it out to air dry before pressing into blocks. (to much moisture before pressing may allow mold to grow)
  8. You can enjoy your fresh Hashish now, or take it to the next step by using a hydraulic rosin press with the hash you made for the the purest quality Glandular Trichome Rosin.
  9. Wash your bags with cold water, do not use alcohols or other harsh chemicals!

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