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Bubble Hash Bags – 5 Gallon All Mesh 5 Piece Kit


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Bubble Hash Bags – 5 Gallon All Mesh 5 Piece Kit

For use with 5-gallon buckets or tubs.
Made of durable, waterproof nylon material, with a built-in elastic cord to tie the filled bag.
Bag set containing 5 pieces of 5-gallon progressive filter extraction bags.
Includes a storage bag to keep them organized and clean when not in use.
Works well in extracting oil from any herbs.

Bags are easy to use, durable, affordable and reusable. Unlike other bags on the market the design is completely all mesh which allows liquid to quickly seep through all sides, as well as the bottom of the bag.  This drastically reduces the time it takes to drain and speeds up your entire filtration process.

micron sizes listen below
1 * Screen Pressing
(5) 5 Gallon Filter Bags:
Purple = 25 microns
Yellow = 73 microns
Green = 120 microns
Red = 160 microns
Blue = 220 microns
1*storage bag

Water hash, Bubble Hash:

Using this mesh kit, cold water and ice (below 4C), the glandular heads are separated by gravity from the plant matter.
Once the glands are separated, hashish drying is very important before pressing.

It is not necessary to press the hashish if it is going to be consumed in a short time, it is enough to keep it in the fridge, but if one wishes to preserve it without losing its properties for a long period of time, it is advisable to freeze it (it must be very dry).

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