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Lohner Kitchen/Garden Faucet Adapters (10 pack)


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Lohner FEMALE FAUCET ADAPTERS (10 pack) — Connects Female Garden Hose to Male or Female faucet. Also connects Male or Female aerator to Male or Female faucet.

Included Adapters (1 of each listed below):
(MJA5) Male Junior Adapter – Female 3/4”-27T
(SCAQ1) Standard Cache Adapter – Male 15/16”-27T
(JCAN2) Junior Cache Adapter – Male 55/64”-27T
(TJCAD3) Tiny Junior Cache Adapter – Male 3/4”-27T
(TJCAD4) Tom Thumb Cache Adapter – Male 3/8”-18T
(SJA24) Chicago Adapter
(FJA6) Female Junior Adapter – Male 13/16”-27T
(GHA) Female 13/16” -24T Female Hose To Aerator Faucet Adapter
(RJA27) Female 3/4” -27T Aerator Faucet Adapter
(GHA7) Universal Garden Hose Adapter – Male 15/16”-27T or Female 55/64”-27T X GHTM 3/4” or Male 55/64”-27T. (This Adapter Connects a Female Garden Hose to Male or Female faucet)

Each adapter comes with a custom fit washer and adapts to thread size Male 55/64 – 27T.
Adapters are meant for standard sink faucets use only.

WILL FIT WITH MANY FAUCET ATTACHMENTS including garden hoses, water filters, sprayers, standard hose via faucet diverter, in RV’s, cache style faucets, standard faucets and other faucet attachments.
FOR SINK FAUCET USE ONLY – Will Not Fit a faucet without removable aerator, bathtub spout, shower pipe, or pump style faucet. Will Not Fit standard size shower hose without the use of a faucet diverter

ONE EASY PURCHASE, no driving around unsure what you need hoping for the right fit — Fits what local stores don’t carry or if bought individually would cost three times as much. Great for travelers

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Weight .2 kg
Dimensions 13 × 7 × 2.6 cm


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