Grafting Tool (Large 5-20mm) -Professional Grade


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Material: Aluminum alloy handle, blade is made of SK5 steel material, durable for long time use
Weight: approx. 600g
Grafting depth: approx. 2cm/0.78in (7/8″) , trimming mouth width: approx. 2cm/0.78in

How to use:
Step 1: Hold the grafting material in the graft tool and squeeze the handle to make the cut, repeat this step to cut the stem from the donor plant. Make sure to cut a groove in the plant.
Step 2: Insert the donor stem into the plant’s groove, aligning the cut surfaces as closely as possible. If the stock and donor plant are not the same size, adjust only from the side.
Step 3: Place the sterilizing material around the connector and tie with tape, the sterilizing material protects against bacteria and weather conditions.
Step 4: Use the pruner to cut the useless branches from the plant.

Keep out of reach of children and do not use on dry or old hardwood.

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Weight 0.6 kg
Dimensions 16 × 37 × 17 cm


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