Vortex S-Line 6, 8 or 10″ Pro Inline Fans


S-Line comes in 3 model good for air supply or return:

  • S-600 (6″ duct – 340 cfm)
  • S-800 (8″duct – 711 cfm)
  • S-1000 (10″duct – 1082 cfm)

The people who design and build fans also need something to look up to. To aspire to. And for the past 16 years, the Vortex Powerfan has been that icon. A showcase of the very latest in design, technology and performance. Everything a fan can be. The S-line. Unlike any other.

super silient operations – deployed in libraries and hospitals were airflow matters

To find out what separates the S-line from other fans, you have to get inside it.

The motor is 1oo% speed controllable, highly efficient, low power consumption, built with permanently lubricated ball bearings and thermal overload protection with automatic reset

High impact resistant polycarbonate casing for heavy duty applications

Mounting bracket designed for quick and easy installation

Fan to bracket gasket provides an airtight seal and further vibration reduction

Integrated backdraft damper to prevent air leakage when the extractor is not operating

Rubber duct connection gasket ensures airtight connection and neutralizes vibration

Double insulated wall to prevent condensation and reduce noise level

Simple clipping system allows quick removal of fan for maintenance

Mixed flow impeller design for quiet operation and high air flow

Internal impeller for cooler motor operation



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S-600 (6" duct – 340 cfm), S-800 (8" duct – 711 cfm), S-1000 (10" duct – 1082 cfm)


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